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NAIL BAR - Body Tantra

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Nail Bar

Professional Styling 

Nail Bar

Features Offered

Nail Extension

Got short nails and envy those with longer ones? the Nail Extension with gel will help you to attain that long and beautiful nails.

Gel Nail Filling

Our manicurist will buff and drill down where growth appears on the nail so that the surface is smooth. Then, more gel is applied and cured on the freshly-buffed tip.

Nail Extensions with Nail form

Acrylic nail extensions are the most common type of nail extension that almost everyone knows about! The acrylic nail is made out of a monomer liquid mixed with a polymer powder to form a paste that is glued onto your natural nail and tip.

Chrome Polish

This chrome powder that will make your nails look like a mirror! This mica powder is applied over regular nail polish or gel nail to give the mirror-like look for your nails.

Gel Nail Polish (feet)

Let your feet steal the stage with beautifully painted nails by gel Nail polish, to make it look ever more attractive.

OPI (Hands/Feet)

Life is too short for boring nails. Discover endless possibilities for fun with the array of nail lacquer shades from OPI. 

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