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welcome to BODYTANTRA spa

Luxury Spa Experiences

Relish the beauty of wellness, conquer the heights of relaxation and brighten yourself up with the Luxury Spa Experience at the most affordable price. We, at BodyTantra strive to make sure that you not only feel great outside but also inside..

Facials & Skin


Massage Therapy


Luxury, quality & comfort

Spa Packages

With luxury, quality and comfort our Matra, we never compromise with any of these components of our specially brewed beauty spa offers for you. BodyTantra sets the packages considering the needs of our customers. We make sure that no customer leaves our place disappointed.

Winter Ritual

Salon Special


Your style is your signature. Our hair experts, our beauticians, and our nail care therapists understand your need the best way possible. And hence, we choose only the best beauty products for you, from around the world.

Skin Care

With increasing pollution and decreasing time for yourself, we know that you often leave your skin uncared resulting in the dead and lifeless look as well as the texture of the skins. The unhealthy lifestyle you follow enhances the chances of poor skin health, even more. To help you tackle the issue with ease, we have provided the best skin care treatment at the BodyTantra..

Cosmetic Clinic

Aesthetic medicine is an inclusive term for specialties that focus on improving-cosmetic appearance through the treatment of conditions including scars, skin laxity, wrinkles, moles, liver spots, excess fat, cellulite, unwanted hair, skin discolouration, and spider veins. We give the best to make you look better than the best.

Spa & Wellness

Beauty starts within. But with all the stress around, it’s a tall order. Stress is that unwanted guest in your life which you don’t notice it until it reaches the tipping point. Fret not, here comes the happy news. Our therapists are well trained to get even the tiniest portion of the stress out of your system. A regular dose of this therapy will take you through the ultimate bliss of feeling greater within.

Personal Grooming

Personal grooming, in other words preening, is the art of cleaning, grooming, and maintaining parts of the body. Preening has become a part of one's personality in recent times. The BodyTantra is every day to help you dwell into a brand new persona with the ultimate preening section we offer.


One of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life is the moment she becomes a bride. With all eyes on her, it is the dream of every bride to look the best and elegantly walk down the aisle. From hairstyle, hair care, skin care, to bridal makeup and any more services to offer, we assure you that you would look your best on your wedding day.

Features Offered


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